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faq iv therapy

Frequently Asked Question

Who administers the IV?

A licensed doctor, PA, or Nurse Practitioner will administer and supervise your IV treatment.

How long is the procedure?

Single treatment can take between 30 – 45 mins.



Select Your Drip

Our experienced and licensed medical staff is always there to help you. After a preliminary evaluation, the provider will help you select a drip that is suited to your needs.


Schedule your Appointment

Call our New City office at (845) 678-3434 to schedule an appointment with a date and time of your convenience. We will offer treatment at our other offices soon. Stay tuned.


Consult with our Medical Team

Our experienced and licensed providers will discuss your medical history and presenting problem. They will then make recommendations and help prepare a treatment plan that is well suited to your needs.


Enjoy Your Iv Drip

The therapy will take place in our state of the art facility with a medical staff by your side. You will be placed in a comfortable and relaxed room. The session may last for about 30 -45 mins. You are free to return to your daily regular life feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated with no visible downtime.


1How often can I get Iv therapy?
Frequency of the therapy depends on your body needs and choice of IV therapy. Our licensed providers will discuss which options are best. We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments and can customize a comprehensive wellness plan for you.
2How much does it cost?
The cost will depend upon type of treatment and frequency. Our basic hydration starts at $75. We offer discounts on a series of six or more treatments bought as a package.
3Is IV therapy safe?
IV therapy is completely safe. The cost. IV therapy guarantees the supply of nutrients to the body 100% more effectively than taking them orally.
4Are there any risks or side effects to the therapy?
We will work with your medical history and guide you during your initial consult. Side effects are rare and usually minor. Some side effects may include Bruising and soreness around the injection area, cooling sensation in the arm, a metallic taste in the mouth and/or a brief flushed feeling. Less common side effects include a risk of infection or an allergic reaction to the treatment. Side effects are generally short lived and treatable.
5I’m afraid of needles. Is the procedure painful?
Many of our patients mention that the pain was no more than a slight prick of a needle. Patients come out our office feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and energized.
6Where is the therapy given?
The session will take place in our state of the art office. You will be seated in a comfortable reclining chair with plenty of magazines, free WiFi, bottled water. Our staff will let you relax in the treatment room and check on you from time to time.
7Is it better to get therapy before or after a workout or party?
Either or both. It is always a good idea to get a boost of hydration before a big event to prevent over exhaustion and also after the event to help the body rejuvenate.
8How long until I see the results of the IV therapy?
The cost depends on person to person. Treatments like Basic Hydration and Hangover Quick Fix are reported to provide immediate relief. Patients claim to experience almost instant relief from symptoms.

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